Current Issue : Vol.60 No.1 Spring 2020
  1. [On This Topic] Transnationality of Popular Culture in the Korean Wave
  2. Ssen-Unni in K-Pop: The Makings of “Strong Sisters” in South Korea
  3. Comparative Discourse on J-pop and K-pop: Hybridity in Contemporary Local Music
  4. Webtoons Go Viral?: The Globalization Processes of Korean Digital Comics
  5. “You Can’t Help But Love Them”: BTS, Transcultural Fandom, and Affective Identities
  6. Hallyu and Film Adaptation: Maids of Decolonization in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden
  7. Diasporic Korean Audiences of Hallyu in Vancouver, Canada
  8. “The Tale of Chunhyang” as Translated by Western Missionaries
  9. Korean Pioneer Women: Picture Brides and the Formation of Upwardly Mobile Korean Families in California, 1910s-1930s
  10. [Book Review] Transgression in Korea: Beyond Resistance and Control
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