Current Issue : Vol.59 No.4 Winter 2019
  1. [On This Topic] A Century of Korean Film: From “Joseon Film” to Global Korean Cinema
  2. The Identity of “Joseon Film”: Between Colonial Cinema and National Cinema
  3. The Status of Historical Drama Films in South Korea in the 1960s: The Relevance between the Film Industry and Genre Films
  4. Coevolution of Conventions and Korean New Wave: Korean Cinema in the 1970s and 80s
  5. From the Era of Melodrama to the Age of the Comedy and the Thriller: The Simultaneous Transformations of Korean Society and Film Genre From the 1990s to the Present
  6. (In)Commensurability of Korean Cinema: International Coproduction of Korean Films in the 2010s
  7. Changes in Foreigners’ Settlement Space in Seoul, Korea, 1882 to 1910: Focusing on Chinese and Japanese Demographic Changes and Commercial Activities
  8. The Primacy of Li (Principle) in the NeoConfucian Philosophy of Zhu Xi: Significance for Contemporary Korean Society
  9. [Book Review] Prospect for the Future of Research on Korean Children’s Literature
  10. [Book Review] Globalization, Mobility and Education Migrants: Education Exodus in South Korea
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