Current Issue : Vol.58 No.2 Summer 2018
  1. [On This Topic] Queer/Korean Studies as Critique: A Provocation
  2. Proud of Myself as LGBTQ: The Seoul Pride Parade, Homonationalism, and Queer Developmental Citizenship
  3. Intimate Freedom: Queering Anarchism in Leesong Hee-il’s Films
  4. The Critical Social Turn of Queer Korean Cinema: Hospitality and the Temporal Economy of Queer Kinship in The Bacchus Lady (2016)
  5. Comparative Study of Neighborhood Community Reconstruction in Seoul and Beijing: An Action-Theoretical Approach
  6. Social and Cultural Adaptation of Korean Youth in the Former USSR (1920s-1930s)
  7. At the Boundary of Modernity: The Theory of Human and Non-human Nature and the Imaginary Other
  8. [Book Review] War Participation by Overseas Koreans
  9. [Book Review] The Spirit of Korean Law: Korean Legal History in Context
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