Current Issue : Vol.59 No.2 Summer 2019
  1. Frank Laubach and the Adult Literacy Campaign in South Korea in the 1950s–1960s
  2. Postmemory Generation and Family Tragedies in South Korea: My Father’s Emails (2014) and Dear Pyongyang (2006)
  3. A Court Case of Frog and Snake: Rereading Korean Court-Case Fiction from the Law and Literature Perspective
  4. Right to the City: The Metropolis and Gangnam Style
  5. Geography of Hallyu Studies: Analysis of Academic Discourse on Hallyu in International Research
  6. The U.S. Army Photography and the “Seen Side” and “Blind Side” of the Japanese Military Comfort Women : The Still Pictures and Motion Pictures of the Korean Comfort Girls in Myitkyina, Sungshan, and Tengchung
  7. Korean Theater in Kazakhstan as a Cultural Hub of the Diaspora
  8. Toward a Space of Dissensus: The Oasis’s Performance in Urban Space, Scriptive Things and Relational Aesthetics
  9. [Book Review] A Portrait of Early American Anthropology Drawn from the Analysis of Scholars Who Studied Korea a Century Ago
  10. [Book Review] Overturning the Center and the Periphery: Its Significance and Limitations
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