Current Issue : Vol.59 No.3 Autumn 2019
  1. Social Contributions of the Catholic Church and Regional Solidarity: Analysis of the Korean-Japanese Conferences of Catholic Bishops
  2. Yi Hwang’s and Yi I’s Interpretations of the Taijitushuo: Focusing on Their Theories of Li-Qi
  3. Transnational Film Remaking and Destabilized Meanings: Reading Kim Jee-woon’s The Good, the Bad, the Weird
  4. Confessions and Dialogues of Colonial Intellectuals from Feminist Perspectives: Im Sun-deuk’s Short Stories during the Late Period of Japanese Colonial Rule
  5. The Evolution of the South Korean-United States Alliance
  6. Unrelenting Global Power Struggle and the Paradox of Colonial Modernity and Postcoloniality: Writing in the Language of the “Other”
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