Current Issue : Vol.57 No.3 autumn 2017
  1. Red Capital, Colonial Eyes: Moscow as Seen by Korean Intellectuals in the 1920s–1930s
  2. Public Administration and the Laws of Silla from the 3rd–5th Centuries
  3. Mode of Cinematic Plagiarism and Adaptation: How Ishizaka Yojiro’s Novels Launched Korean Youth Film
  4. Public Diplomacy: Reappraising the South Korean Case through an Evolutionary Approach
  5. A Study on the Characteristics of Hanok Gates from a Cultural Landscape Perspective: Focusing on the Hanok Gates of Three Traditional Korean Villages in Gyeongsang-do Province
  6. Can One Enchant in the Ganpan Republic? Reading the Korean Signscapes through the Theories of Enchantment