Current Issue : Vol.57 No.4 winter 2017
  1. The New Face of Large Congregations: Creative Innovations in Four Megachurches in the Seoul Metropolitan Area
  2. Exploring the Religious Marketplace for Korean Young Adults: Riddles of Secular Change and Innovation
  3. Practicing Filipino Catholicism in Korea: Characteristics of Hyehwa-dong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) in Seoul
  4. The Innovative Heritage of the Urban Industrial Mission in the Korean Religious Market: A Case Study of YDP-UIM
  5. From Jeongseong to “Three-Minute Care”: Healthcare Transitions in North Korea and the Cultural Adjustment of North Korean Refugee Doctors in South Korea
  6. Underground Strongman: “Silver Seats,” Fare-Exempt Status, and the Struggles for Recognition on the Seoul Subway
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