Current Issue : Vol.57 No.1 Spring 2017
  1. The Seon Monk Hyujeong and Buddhist Ritual in Sixteenth-Century Korea
  2. The Japanese Hydrographic Office’s Publication, Revision, and Utilization of the Chosen higashikaiganzu (Chart of East Coast of Korea) and Its Recognition of Dokdo
  3. Promises are Promises? A Study of Campaign Promise Fulfillment among South Korean Legislators, 2008–2012
  4. Modern Forms of Ordinary Architecture in Seoul’s Jongno District in the 1950–60s and Their Significance
  5. The Korea Question and the Nordic Response: From War Participation to Diplomatic Recognition
  6. Comparison between Confucian Democracy of Dasan Jeong Yak-yong and Modern Democracy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau